Can I Sell My House if I Have a Mortgage? 

Are you thinking of selling your house but worried if it’s possible if you still have a mortgage on it?

Great news! You can sell your house even if you have a mortgage on it. However, the process is not as straight-forward as selling a mortgage-free home.

Read on to learn some tips on how to ensure that this endeavour runs smoothly.

One of the first things you need to do before putting your property on the market is to review your mortgage contract. Check if the paperwork contains stipulations about selling your house when you have not fully paid your loan yet. In particular, be on the look out for due-on-sale clauses on the contract. These clauses mainly state that homeowners like you need to pay your lender in full once you’ve sold your house. These are included in the contract to protect the mortgage provider.

Even in the absence of these clauses, it is still best to pay off your mortgage to spare your purchaser the hassle of sorting things out. Also, if the loan isn’t paid, it will end up on the purchaser’s title. So, for the transaction to be smooth sailing, real estate agents in Ireland highly recommend that homeowners pay their loan in full once they’ve sold their house.

Next, after checking your contract, call your mortgage provider to determine your outstanding loan balance. Often, the amount you’re going to receive is valid for a certain number of days. The mortgage payoff is recomputed if you are unable to settle your loan within the timeframe given.

Why is it necessary to know how much you still owe your lender before selling your house? You would need this information to come up with the right selling price.


You have to pay off your mortgage after selling. Naturally, you want to be certain that the money you’d get for your property is enough to settle your loan.

After finding out how much you owe your lender, the next step is to decide on how much to sell your house for. Your real estate agent can be very helpful with this task. Given her industry knowledge, she can suggest the right price – one that meets your needs and is attractive enough for would-be buyers.

Once you determine how much to sell your house for, you can start advertising your property. Just make sure you have done all the necessary pre-sale work, including preparing all the legal documents you need. Do not wait until you find a buyer to accomplish this task. Delays in the preparation of the paperwork may cause the deal to fall apart.

As much as possible, hire a solicitor as soon as you decide to sell your house. The solicitor is going to take care of all the legal documents necessary in selling a property. One of his primary tasks to make sure that the title deed is ready. Your solicitor cannot draft the contract of sale without this document.

Since your house is still under mortgage, its deed is not readily available as it is still with your lender. With an authorisation letter from you, your solicitor would need to get it from the mortgage company. Depending on the lender, the document may be provided after several days. Hence, if you already have a buyer when this task is done, he may have to wait a while before he gets his hands on the contract of sale.

In summary:

Yes, you can sell your house even if it is still under mortgage. However, you have to ensure that you’d be able to sell your house at a good price. This means that the proceeds must be enough to pay for your mortgage payoff and other expenses associated with selling a house.

Do you want to sell your house while in mortgage? Our experienced real estate agents can help you accomplish this task smoothly and successfully. Call us today at 014959020!

Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay

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