Can Property Agents in Dublin Improve Your Vacancy Rate?

Property agents in Dublin provide services for homeowners, landlords and tenants. Property agents help homeowners and landlords prepare the necessary documentation before letting their property. When all paperwork is in order, they help advertise the properties for rent to find a tenant for the property. 

Their services also include screening the tenant to assess if they have the capacity to pay and also to check if the potential tenant is a good payor meaning he always pays early or on time. In general, property agents act like a matchmaker as they try to find the best tenant for the available property.

These agents go beyond screening tenants for the property. They can also help in managing the property. Property management services include rent collection, inspections, maintenance, plus communication and correspondence with the tenant.

With all these services offered by property agents, how does this affect the vacancy rate?

First, we need to define and understand what vacancy rate is. The vacancy rate is the number of vacant or available units divided by the total number of units in a property. This means a 10-unit apartment complex with 2 vacant units has a vacancy rate of 20%.

This means the objective of landlords or property owners is to have a lower vacancy rate. A vacancy rate of 0% means it is fully occupied which would also mean maximum rental income. The lower the vacancy rate is, the better it would be for business.

How Can Property Agents Improve Your Vacancy Rate?

Property agents provide an end-to-end solution for property owners and tenants. If you’re a property owner, you will certainly benefit from the services of a property agent. 

It starts from inspecting your property to ensure that everything is in order. They will then help you ensure all documentation is in place. When the paperwork is completed, property agents would then market and advertise the property and conduct viewings of your property for potential tenants. They will also screen the potential tenants and conduct verifications for you and provide you with tenants who passed the verifications.

Technically, these are only the initial part of the services property agents provide but these are the critical steps that would help improve your vacancy rate. This is because the most critical part of improving the vacancy rate is being able to have 100% occupancy of your entire property, and this is done by finding good tenants who want to rent your property.

Property Agents in Dublin Help You Maintain a Good Vacancy Rate

Once you have improved your vacancy rate, it’s also important that you maintain it. Property agents can also help you achieve this.

Since property agents also provide property management services, you can hire them to handle other concerns like handling payments from the tenants, maintaining the property, and conducting regular inspections. This also provides the property agents with the authority to identify and address concerns about problem tenants.

With these services, you can be certain that these agents will improve your vacancy rate by keeping your house in tip-top shape. More importantly, you can trust them to find good tenants – the kind who pay on time, stay long and take care of the property. 

Want to improve your vacancy rate? Let our top-rated property agents in Dublin manage your rentals. Call us now at 014959020 or leave us a message on our website to learn more about our services!

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