Commercial Property Agents in Dublin: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Do you own a commercial property that you want to sell or lease? Or are you looking for an office or shop for your business? Instead of doing things on your own, enlist the services of commercial property agents in Dublin.

Properly managing a rental property, whether in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland, demands a considerable amount of time and effort. Similarly, finding the right commercial property to buy or lease can be taxing, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Commercial Property Agents in Dublin: Who Are They?

Also called commercial real estate agents, these professionals are experts in leasing, selling and managing properties for commercial purposes such as office buildings, retail stores, medical facilities and even farmlands.

To add, given their in-depth knowledge about the commercial real estate industry, private firms and government agencies hire them as consultants.

It is worth mentioning that commercial property agents do not just work with property owners or sellers. They also help individuals who want to purchase or lease commercial assets, such as investors and businesses.

What Can Commercial Property Agents in Dublin Do for Owners or Sellers?

If you are selling or leasing commercial property, here are some of the things that agents can do for you:

Lease Your Property

They can help you secure tenants, and they can do this quickly with their extensive network. However, their focus is not just to fill in the vacancies fast. Their goal is to get good tenants, so they screen them properly to avoid unscrupulous individuals or groups. They also negotiate well to ensure that you get a good offer.

On top of finding tenants, these agents also take care of everything needed to rent out your property legally. This includes ensuring that all documents and government requirements are accomplished.

Meanwhile, if you are still unsure of what to do with the property, your agent can advise you on the best use for it or how to create a niche for the property.

Manage the Property

Commercial real estate agents can handle all (or some) of the tasks associated with owning rental properties. For example, they can take care of collecting rent and communicating with tenants.

If issues come up, they can be tasked to resolve them. They may also be responsible for developing the property, specifically coming up with proposals to increase its earning potential.

Give Expert Advice

As mentioned earlier, these professionals act as consultants for companies and government agencies. Given their extensive industry know-how, they can give recommendations on the best course of action for property owners like you.

By analysing cash flow projections and considering the internal rate of return, they can tell you whether it is best to sell now or hold onto the property longer. They can also give insights on whether you’d earn more when you lease or sell the property.

What Do Commercial Property Agents in Dublin Do for Buyers or Tenants?

If you are looking to lease a commercial space, professional real estate agents can help you do the following:

Find the Right Property

Location impacts a company’s profitability, and commercial estate agents know this. So, they help business owners or investors select a site or property that meets their needs.

They provide data to support their recommendation, giving their clients pertinent information about the area’s business activities, demographics, and zoning regulations.

Provide Information on ROI

If you are a buyer, you surely want to know if the property is worth purchasing. To be more specific, you would like to see the expected return of investment for the commercial property.

Agents can give you an analysis of the potential ROI. At the same time, they can give you recommendations on increasing or maximising your profits – i.e., modifications you can make to target a specific type of tenant.

Hiring Commercial Property Agents in Dublin – A Smart Choice

Enlisting the help of professionals is all about putting your investment or business in good hands.


It takes much work to successfully turn your property into a sustainable profit-generating investment or find the right commercial asset to buy or lease. So, hire experts to avoid wasting time and losing money.

But make sure you get the services of a commercial property agent who will best represent you. Hire someone with a good reputation – one known for delivering the needed results and providing excellent customer support.

In addition, choose someone you would be willing to work with in the long term. Establish a mutually beneficial business relationship built on trust and respect to achieve your goals.

Are you looking for commercial property agents in Dublin? Work with our highly qualified and friendly agents! Call us today on 014959020 or click here to leave us a message on our website.

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