Dublin Lettings – How to Find the Best Tenants

If you are an experienced landlord, you would know that there are several types of tenants. There are those who pay on time and those who make late payments. Some tenants are very organised and clean, while others are comfortable living in an unkempt house. There are those who diligently follow the rules and those who ignore them. These are just some of the many types of tenants out there.

Certainly, as a landlord, you want to have the best lessees – those who pay on time, adhere to the agreement and take care of the house. But how do you find this kind of renters?

Admittedly, getting good tenants is not easy, especially if you are new to the letting business. While it is a difficult endeavour, it is not impossible for as long as you follow our tips below.

Let a Professional Find Tenants for Your Dublin Lettings

The best way to ensure that you have great lessees is to hire a letting agent or a property manager. What can they exactly do for you? They can help you reach more people and consequently, find tenants fast.

Given their years of experience, they know how to market your property to attract the right kind of clients. They also have an extensive network, allowing them to advertise to more people.

But these letting agents won’t just help you advertise your property. They can also screen potential applicants and pick the best one. They have the knowledge and tools needed to determine which ones have a good and clean record – those with excellent credit rating and no criminal history.

Dublin Lettings – Don’t Skip the Interview

If you decide to do the screening yourself, one important thing you should not fail to do is to interview the applicants.

This is going to be an opportunity for you to learn more about the potential tenants and assess if they are the people you want to lease your home to.

Just like in a job interview, it pays to be prepared for this one. So, list down all your questions before meeting them. Some of the things you should try to find out are:

  • Where they used to live or where they currently reside
  • If they are renting, ask them how long they have been leasing their current place
  • Why they have decided to move
  • What they do for a living
  • The number of people who will be residing in the house.

As a landlord, it is your right to find out pertinent information about those who are applying as tenants. However, the law prohibits you from refusing to let your property based on the following:

  •  Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Family Status
  • Race
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religious Belief
  • Disability
  • Member of the Traveller Community
  • Recipient of rent supplement, housing assistance or any payment under the Social Welfare Acts.

During the interview, mention the important terms in the lease agreement like the rental fee, payment arrangement and advanced payment of security deposits (if you have this policy). This is also a good time to talk about restrictions such as not allowing pets in the premises as well as maintenance rules like conducting periodic inspections.

Basically, the interview allows you to gauge the kind of tenants the applicants are. It is also a chance for you to find out right off the bat if they are amenable to the terms or not.

Dublin Lettings – Conduct a Background Check

Don’t simply rely on the interview when deciding which tenant to choose. Gather other information about them by doing a background check.

Try to contact their previous landlords and find out what they have to say about their previous tenants.

Ask them about their dealings with them, particularly when it comes to payments and caring for the rental property. The experience of the landlords should give you an idea of whether your applicants are really good tenants or not.

Aside from their landlords, call other references who can provide more information about the applicants like their work supervisor. Talking with people who personally know the applicants allows you to verify certain details you’ve taken note of during the interview.

Lastly, find out if the tenant is financially capable to rent out your place. You can request for a bank statement or a credit report.

Keep in mind, you should not decide based on limited information just because you want to have a tenant already. Making a hasty decision increases your risk of choosing the wrong applicant.

The key to finding the best tenants is to enlist the help of a letting agent or property management company. Alternatively, if you are choosing on your own, make sure you get all the possible information about them before you decide. Making an informed decision takes you a step closer towards having a problem-free tenancy.

Want to find good tenants for your Dublin lettings? We have experienced letting agents who can help you find excellent lessees in just a short time! Call us now on 014959020r visit our website to learn more about services.

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