Dublin Lettings in Ranelagh: A Guide on Finding the Right Apartment

Are you searching for a new apartment? Why not check out Dublin lettings in Ranelagh? Whether you are a professional searching for an apartment in a vibrant neighbourhood or a parent looking for a family house near a good school, Ranelagh surely has what you need.

Dubbed as the Notting Hill of Dublin, this popular suburb features an urban feel and a family-friendly atmosphere, making it ideal for singletons and young families.

It is teeming with places to eat and drink as well as establishments like supermarkets and cinemas. Hence, residents often have no need to leave the neighbourhood as everything they need is within their reach.

Sitting on the other side of the Grand Canal, this district has ample green spaces and playgrounds. Add the tree-lined streets and manicured gardens into the mix, and it’s hard to deny that it is an ideal place for young families.

With all these beautiful features, Ranelagh is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a new home in Dublin.

Dublin Lettings in Ranelagh: How Much Are the Apartment Rental Fees?

Located minutes away from the city centre, this urban village has become one of the most coveted addresses in Dublin. As a result, it has become one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Ireland. Both apartment and house prices are significantly higher than in other areas like Rathgar and Rathmines.

To give you an idea:

The rental fees for a studio apartment, measuring around 21 square metres, are about €1,300 to €1,400. Meanwhile, the prices for a one-bedroom apartment are anywhere between €1,500 to €2,100.

For a house with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, the lowest rental fees are around €2,600. For a 4 bedrooms and 3 baths apartment, the prices range from €6,000 to €7,500.

It should be noted that various factors affect the rental fees, such as the house size and amenities available. Also, expect newly renovated apartments to cost more.

Undeniably, these rental fees are hefty. But many Ranelagh residents say that living in this cosmopolitan city is worth every penny.

Working With Professionals to Find the Best Dublin Lettings in Ranelagh

If you want to reside in this village on the south side of Dublin, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional real estate agent.

Most people think that they only need an agent when selling or letting a house. But these professionals also help those who are looking for apartments for rent.

Whether you are an expat or a local, working with an agent can benefit you in a lot of ways, especially if you are eyeing a competitive place like Ranelagh. For one, they can make the process of finding your new home in Dublin less stressful.

As industry experts, they can help you navigate the complexities of letting an apartment in Ireland. They can explain to you the requirements and your legal obligations as a tenant. Before you finalise a deal, they can review the tenancy agreement to ensure that your rights as a tenant are protected.

Moreover, they can help you find the right Ranelagh apartment – one which meets your needs and budget. With their extensive network, they find out which properties are available before they even get listed.

Also, these professionals are excellent negotiators. You can trust them to help you get a good deal, perhaps, a discount on your rent.

In the event that they aren’t able to find a house Ranelagh that suits you, they will proactively search for other properties in equally wonderful neighbourhoods. Rathmines, for example, has the same atmosphere as Ranelagh but is more affordable.

Want to check out Dublin lettings in Ranelagh? Let our experienced and friendly real estate agents help you find the right apartment. Call us now at 014959020 or leave us a message on our website.

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