Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

You have probably been told to consider staging your house if you are selling it. What does this mean? House staging is all about decorating or fixing your home to highlight its assets and make the property more attractive to buyers. The aim of this method is to increase the property’s value as well as sell it immediately.

Does home staging work? If done properly, staging can help sell your house faster and at a very good price. It can make your property stand out against competitors, especially since not all owners stage their houses. Furthermore, staging allows you to avoid price reduction. Oftentimes, when homebuyers see problem areas in the house that would require fixing, they subtract the repair cost to the selling price of the property.

A testament to the effectiveness of staging is a report which indicates that 95 per cent of staged homes gets purchased in just 11 days. Moreover, compared to non-staged houses, staged homes sell by as much as 17% more.

One of the major reasons why homeowners do not engage in staging is because some of them think it is a costly undertaking. Indeed, this task requires money. However, it doesn’t have to be an enormous amount of dough. In fact, you can set a budget and prioritise which parts of the house to work on. If you are working with a real estate agent, he or she can help you plan out the staging of your house according to your budget.

How To Stage Your House To Sell It Faster

Clean and declutter: The first step to house staging is deep cleaning the house and clearing it of clutter. This is particularly important if you choose to stay in the house until it gets sold. Since you are still living in the house, most of your things are going to be there. The problem with this is that it can make your house appear smaller and topsy-turvy, especially if you have a lot of things.

Keep in mind, the house needs to look spacious and inviting. So, as much as possible, keep furnishings to a minimum. Also, make sure that pieces of furniture are not blocking pathways. Only leave pieces which you think will add to the appeal of the house.

Decluttering also includes depersonalising the space. Buyers need to see in the house the lifestyle they want to have. They need to see themselves living in the house. Therefore, you need to pack away photos, certificates, plaques, etc.

Repaint your walls: A fresh coat of paint can enliven your house and make it look new and fresh. Just make sure you pick neutral colours for your paint as well as your decors. However, as much as possible, avoid going all beige or all white because your house will look dull and boring. Ask advice from experts like professional painters and try to mix and match colours.

Meanwhile, if you have wallpapers, make sure you remove them. Instead of putting a new one, it’s better to repaint your walls. Also, make sure that you do not paint over your old wallpaper. This can make your walls look shabby and untidy.

Place several pieces of furniture. While you do not want too much stuff in your house, you also cannot show it empty. Without furniture, problem areas are going to be more visible. Moreover, potential buyers may have tougher time visualising themselves in the house.

Just be sure to select the right kind and size of furniture. Placing large pieces of furniture may make a room appear small. It is also important that your furniture does not look cheap. It must look elegant and inviting enough to make buyers want to purchase the house.

Spend on cosmetic repairs: Cracks on your walls, no matter how small, may catch the eye of buyers and cause them to question the safety of the house. Leaving them unrepaired may lead to price reduction and make it difficult for you to sell it.

So, make sure you inspect your home before putting it on the market. Take note of holes and cracks you see and spackle or fill them.

Make the exterior as appealing as the interior: The first thing that your potential buyers will see is your home’s exterior. Hence, it must be clean and presentable as well. If possible, prune trees and plants and clean the pathway leading to the house. If you can’t repaint your home’s exterior wall, consider power washing it to make it look neat.

Do not for get your backyard. Make sure it is also in tiptop shape. If you have a pool, clean it, too. Stage your backyard in such a way that potential buyers would see how to make use of it.

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