How to Sell Your House in 10 Easy Steps Part 2

In the previous blog, we have talked about the first 5 steps you need to do when selling your house: hire a real estate agent, know your property’s value, assess your home’s condition, fix cosmetic and functional problems and decide on your asking price.

What do you do next when you accomplished the aforementioned steps? Read on to find out what the remaining five steps are!

Hire a Solicitor

A solicitor is an integral part of the home selling process in Ireland. This professional is responsible for all legal-related tasks including preparing all documents needed to sell the property.

Some of the documents he needs to take care of or prepare are the title documents, contract of sale and planning permission, a mandatory requirement for houses built since October 1, 1964.”

In addition:

“…a solicitor is the only person authorised by the law to provide legal advice to sellers like you. Even if your real estate agent is an experienced one and may well know the answer to your legal query, he is prohibited from advising you.”

Stage Your Property

Staging can make all the difference, especially when you are going up against several houses. It can make your property stand out, get better offers and get sold quicker.

“A testament to the effectiveness of staging is a report which indicates that 95 per cent of staged homes gets purchased in just 11 days. Moreover, compared to non-staged houses, staged homes sell by as much as 17% more.”

It is great if you can stage all the rooms in the house. However, if you are worried about your expenses, you can just pick certain areas.

“…it’s the living room which pays off the most when it comes to home staging.”

“The living room is oftentimes the first area that homebuyers are going to see. Hence, it is important that it is staged well for them to have a good impression of your property.”

Prepare Your Marketing Materials

Do not scrimp on your marketing materials, especially your home’s photos. These images are going to be the first thing potential buyers would see. Hence, your house should be beautiful and enticing in these photographs.

Did you know that:

“…homebuyers pay attention only to listings with photographs and ignore those that don’t have any.”

What’s more?

According to studies, you need to have at least six photos if you want potential buyers to view your listing.”

Clearly, to get more inquiries, your house should look superb in the pictures. So, see to it that you stage your property before it gets photographed. Also, instead of taking the photos yourself, hire a professional photographer to get the best possible result.


“In a very competitive market such as the real estate industry, advertising using various media or methods is still what experts preach. After all, the chances of getting more inquiries and potential buyers increase as more people see the ad.”

On top of the traditional media – newspaper and radio, create listings on property portals. It is also recommended that you advertise on social media.

If you are working with a real estate agent, you do not have to worry about marketing your house as he’ll take care of it. Some agents’ fees already include advertising cost so you won’t have to pay extra.

Close the Deal

Once you receive an offer you like, formally accept it. After doing this, you proceed to take care of the necessary closing paperwork. You also have to set a formal move out and turnover date.”

Take note:

“…closing on a house may take a while because of complications encountered after the sale agreed stage or during the conveyancing process. Paperwork-related issues are the most common causes of delay during this stage, i.e., issues with property deeds or titles and missing or incomplete documents.”

These delays can make buyers restless and sometimes, cause them to withdraw their offer. Naturally, you do not want this to happen to you. This is why all documents must be prepared early on.

Selling a house in Ireland is a long and tedious process. However, if you follow the steps we’ve shared and more importantly if you work with professionals, the entire process can run smoothly.

Selling a house in Dublin, Rathgar and other parts of Ireland? Let our professional real estate agents help you! Call us today at 01 495 9020!

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay



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