Should I Paint My House Before Selling It?

There are many things you need to do before putting your house on the market. You need to declutter the living areas, depersonalize the space, and touch up on any scuff marks. We often get asked by people in Dublin if they should paint their house before selling it? In this guide, we will answer this question conclusively, by discussing the pros and cons.

Should I Paint My House Before Selling It? – The Pros

Excellent First Impressions

When considering the question of ‘Should I paint my house before selling it?’, you first need to consider the value of first impressions. Human beings naturally form opinions quickly after seeing properties, and the paint can play a major role in the creation of these opinions.

If the paint is chipping off or peeling, it can signal to potential buyers that the place is poorly taken care of. You will have a hard time convincing them that their initial opinion was wrong. Therefore, it can be better to paint the house before placing it on the market.

Positive Impact on House Value

Painting your house can also boost the value of your property. It is especially important to focus on the exterior of the house as this will help people form their initial opinions on the house. Make sure you choose paint colours that match the neighbourhood. You should also note that the wall coating you choose can improve the energy-saving performance of your house, and this can help you ask for better prices for the property.

You should be careful when selecting paint colours as some can end up devaluing your home. According to experts, you should avoid colours like mid-green, dark brown, citrus green, bright yellow, and bold black. Ideally, you should stick to neutral colours.

Appealing to More Buyers

Painting your house will also make the property appeal to more buyers. People will have an easier time picturing themselves living in the house if it has a fresh coat of paint. They can imagine their kids playing outside, watching games on TV, and hosting their friends.

Once a person pictures themselves living in the house, they will be more likely to proceed with the purchase. This is another reason why you should stick to neutral colours. Going for trendy or bold colours can be disastrous as they may not match the personalities of certain clients.

Should I Paint My House Before Selling It? – The Cons

The Cost

Although painting your house can boost the value of the property, you will still have to consider the initial cost of the job. The cost will vary depending on the size of the house, the current state of the paintwork, and whether you will need to make any repairs. Your choice of paint will also determine the cost of the job.

Although many people like to work with independent exterior painters, you may find it more convenient to simply hire a company, and this can end up costing you a lot of money. You should note that there are no guarantees that painting your house will pay off.

The Time Requirement

Painting your home will also take a lot of time, especially if you have a larger house. In many cases, you will need to carry out some repairs before you start painting the house, and this will lengthen the time required for the job.

Working with professional exterior painters will usually help to reduce the time required, but it also comes with an added cost. When painting the house, you will need to factor in the prep work, cutting in, priming, painting, and cleaning up.

Tips to Follow When Painting Your House

With these pros and cons, you can decide whether it would be worth it for you to paint your house. If you still want to go ahead and paint the building, you should follow these tips. One of the best ways to look at it is that it will cost you money to get it painted however this will make the home look better, possibly resulting in a quicker and potentially higher sale.

Prioritize the Exterior

Potential clients will notice the exterior first, so it is better to focus on painting this section first. By perfecting the exterior, you will be able to influence the first impression of potential clients and will have a better chance of making quick sales.

Clean Up Mistakes While the Paint is Wet

It is generally a good idea to hire professional exterior painters, but this may be out of your price range. A cheaper option would be to do the job yourself. In this case, you will be highly likely to make a few mistakes. Whenever that happens, you should make sure you clean up the errors before the paint dries up.


Lots of people will advise you to paint your house before selling it. However, you need to consider the pros and cons of painting the property to determine whether it would be a good idea. Some benefits of adding a fresh coat of paint include the improved first impression, the increase in property value, and the fact that the house would appeal to more people. Some disadvantages you must consider include the high cost of the painting job and the fact that it takes a lot of time.

Are you planning to sell your house in Ireland? If so, it would be better for you to work with our team of experts to determine how you can sell it faster and for the best price. Contact us on 014959020 or send an email to for more details.

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