Posting An Ad On Daft – Can This Method Alone Sell Your Property?

There is no denying that the Internet is a powerful advertising tool, even in the real estate industry.  Fact is, beginning a property search online is the current trend. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the number of property searchers using online portals has been significantly rising over the years. Currently, daft, one of Ireland’s leading property portals, claims over a million unique visitors per month.

Given the aforementioned facts, advertising on a property portal like is highly recommended. It is important to note, however, that doing this alone doesn’t guarantee that you’d immediately secure a buyer for your house. In a very competitive market such as the real estate industry, advertising using various media or methods is still what experts recommend. After all, the chances of getting more inquiries and potential buyers increase as more people see the ad. Therefore, apart from, make sure you also advertise on local newspapers, social media, radio, etc.

Admittedly, when you do it on your own, embarking on a large scale ad campaign or utilising multiple advertising media can be tedious and costly. This is why, instead of doing this on your own, you should work with a professional estate agent.

Included in the services offered by reputable realtors in Ireland is advertising their clients’ properties with no added cost. In addition to property portals like, they utilise other media to ensure that more buyers see your property. For example, on top of creating radio ads and advertising on newspapers and property magazines, they can list your house on their company’s website and social media pages. There are also estate agents who post ads in their offices. This is particularly helpful especially if the office is located in areas where foot traffic is high.

Furthermore, reputable estate agents already have a large following. This means that property searchers seek these agents, either checking their social media pages or giving them a call to learn about their current listings. Meanwhile, given their experience and training, professional estate agents have an in-depth understanding of client behaviour or their wants and needs. They know which group of buyers may be interested in a certain type of property. Hence, they can do a targeted marketing approach. Suffice it to say, when you work with a trusted realtor, it is highly possible to get your property off the market immediately.

Lastly, professional realtors won’t just help you in advertising your company but also in creating your marketing materials. This includes crafting a property description that’s going to catch the attention of searchers. Most importantly, they know the types of photographs which would make your property more appealing and interesting to potential buyers. According to a study, the decision of many online property searchers to visit a house is heavily influenced by the photographs they see on the ads. Therefore, having excellent photographs of your property is a must; an estate agent can help you with this.

With their experience and the various tools at their disposal, professional estate agents can launch an effective marketing campaign for your property. Most importantly, they can help sell your house quickly. Without a doubt, selling your property with the help of an estate agent guarantees better results and is still more beneficial than just merely posting on daft.

Let our reputable estate agents help you effectively advertise your property and quickly sell it. Call us now at 014959020.

Image Attribution: Photograph by Mark Moz [CC BY 2.0], via Flicker
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