Real Estate Agent Dublin: What Questions Should You Ask Your Agent? Part 2

Before hiring a real estate agent in Dublin, make sure that you have a short chat with her. Ask some questions to know her competencies. Conducting an interview helps you determine if she is the right person to sell your house.

In our previous blog, we talked about some of the questions you can ask the real estate agent – her years of experience in the job, her portfolio and her marketing plan.

Below, we list down more queries which can help you decide whether to hire the agent or not.

What’s the Scope of Your Service?

Know the scope and limitations of the work that the agent is going to do for you. There are agents who offer assistance from start to finish. This means they are going to assist you in preparing your property before you put it in the market – i.e., identifying areas which you can renovate to increase the home’s selling price. They are also going to be there until the sale is formally closed (with all documents signed and delivered).

On the other hand, some agents just focus on looking for buyers and closing the deal. When you work with them, you would have to take care of the other tasks on your own. For example, you have to stage the property and prepare the marketing materials.

Ideally, get an agent who is going to take care of most or all of the tasks associated with selling your house. After all, one of the reasons you are hiring a professional is to make this endeavour hassle-free for you.

What Sets You Apart from Other Agents?

This is the part where the agent gets to “sell” the idea of why you should hire her. On top of highlighting her skills, this should be an opportunity for her to talk about her characteristics.


You do not just need an agent who is good at selling houses quickly and at a good price. You also want someone who you can build a rapport with. She should be someone you can trust and rely on.

Basically, for this part, there are no wrong answers. It all boils down to what qualifications and traits you want your agent to have.

Will You Be Able to Link Me with Other Professionals?

When selling a house, you won’t just need an agent’s help. You are also going to require the services of a solicitor, property inspector and possibly a stager, to name but a few.

While you can do this on your own, it would be great if your agent can recommend people for the job. This can cut the time you’d be spending on searching for one.

Just a reminder:

You still have to do your due diligence. Just because your agent recommended these professionals, it doesn’t mean you should hire them. It is prudent for you to research about them first before deciding to enlist their services.

How Much Are Your Fees?

Of course, do not fail to ask her about her fees. Does she charge a flat or fixed fee or a percentage of the Agreed Sale price? The most common practice is the latter with most reputable real estate agents in Ireland charging between 1 to 2.5 per cent.

Find out what is included in the fees as well. Most agents’ fees are already inclusive of advertising costs. However, some charge a separate fee for it.

Additionally, many companies in Ireland like MTS Property implement a “No Sale, No Fee” arrangement. It would be great if your chosen firm also observes the same policy.

Do You Have a List of References?

End the interview by asking for references you can contact. Experienced agents are always ready for this and come into interviews with a list of names on hand.

Why should you do this? Talking to previous clients can give you a clearer picture of how the agent works – her strengths and her weaknesses. They can give you tips as well on how to deal with her. It is just like reading online reviews except that you can ask questions and get answers instantly. So, make sure you are ready when you make that call.

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