Real Estate Agents Dublin: Do You Need Them to Sell Your House?

One of the most important things you need to decide on when selling your house is whether to hire a real estate agent or not.

Should you let professionals sell your house? Do you need them to successfully do this task?

It is not mandatory in Ireland or in most nations for homeowners like you to hire real estate agents. This means that you can opt to sell your house on your own if you want to.


It cannot be denied that real estate agents can add value to this endeavour. They can ensure a successful transaction – sell your house fast and at a good price. As a homeowner, this is the way you want the project to go.

Real Estate Agents Dublin – What Can They Bring to the Table?

Location Knowledge

When it comes to house selling, knowledge of the property is not enough. Familiarity with the location is also essential in closing deals.

To be more specific, the seller must be able to provide pertinent information about the neighbourhood – its history, noteworthy amenities or features as well as future developments in the area.


This transaction is not just about buying a property. It is also about joining a new community. Hence, buyers should be able to see themselves living in the neighbourhood.

So, if your house is in Dublin, it is a smart decision to hire a local agent or one who has been selling houses in the area for many years already.

Strategic Prospecting

Real estate agents understand the property market well. They can close deals quickly because they know who to sell to.

This primarily stems from the fact that they have come across various types of buyers and have learned what they want. For example, those with young children prefer properties that are close to good schools.

This kind of skill is also what enables these professionals to make a sale even during challenging situations like the pandemic happening now.

Hence, if you intend to sell during or after the COVID-19 crisis, it is going to be beneficial to have someone who knows how to sell under different economic climates.


Selling a house is a complicated and laborious project. A system needs to be in place from the start to ensure that the task proceeds smoothly.

Real estate agents do this – they organise everything that is needed to minimise inconveniences for sellers and buyers alike. This can include securing pertinent documents before advertising the property to weeding out unqualified buyers.

They also put policies or checks in place to make sure that the entire transaction is carried out in a professional manner. You can expect them to handle things the right way, never making emotional decisions (which usually happens when owners sell their own house).

Hiring the Best Real Estate Agents in Dublin Is Worth It

Clearly, letting professionals sell your house has a lot of advantages. In fact, these benefits outweigh the costs associated with hiring one.

So, if you are apprehensive about getting a real estate agent because of the fees, please know that every cent you’d be spending is going to be worth it.

You won’t have to subject yourself to an immense amount of stress which usually happens when owners sell their house. Moreover, you do not have to worry about managing your time between work or caring for your family and selling-related tasks.

Most importantly, when you hire real estate agents, chances are high that you would get a good offer. Thanks to these professionals’ exemplary negotiation skills!

It is worth mentioning, however, that you can only reap these benefits if you hire a good agent and work well with him.

An agent who is worth getting is someone reputable, trained and experienced. So, make sure you research about your prospective agents before making a decision.

In addition, take time to interview each one face to face or in-person to better assess their personality and skills.

Lastly, the transaction is only going to be successful if you work well with your chosen agent. Hence, it is imperative that you choose someone you can have a rapport with. This is why conducting an interview is necessary.

To ensure a good working relationship, set clear expectations from the start. Agree on when and how often you’d be communicating. Lastly, trust your agent to do what’s best for you. Keep in mind, you hired him because you deemed that he has the skills needed to successfully sell your house.

Planning to sell your house? Hire our experienced real estate agents in Dublin – guaranteed professional service from start to finish. Call us today on 01 495 9020 to learn more about our services!

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