Real Estate Agents Dublin: The Risks of Selling a House Without an Agent Part 2

Contemplating to sell your house without the help of a real estate agent? Before you proceed, make sure you understand the challenges you might encounter when you choose this option.

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog, there are certain risks associated with selling a house without professional help. Some of these are setting the wrong price and wasting your time on unqualified buyers. Both of these can prevent you from selling your house fast. They can also make the entire endeavour more tedious and stressful.

But these are not just the drawbacks of selling your house on your own. There are other problems or challenges you would have to face if you decide to do this task without the help of an expert.

Failing at Price Negotiations

A buyer’s goal is different from yours – his is to purchase at the lowest price possible, yours is to sell it close to the price you’ve set. As such, you need to know how to negotiate well so that you get a deal that is favourable for you.

If you are not a good negotiator, chances are high that you are going to be at a disadvantage. What should you do? Learn how to properly negotiate? Well, you can try to do this, but it’s not a skill you learn and develop overnight. It is something that gets honed with repeated practice.

This is not a problem you have to deal with when you work with a professional. Experienced real estate agents are excellent negotiators. They are armed with negotiation tactics and strategies which help them sell any property at the highest possible price.

Emotional Home Sales

Let us admit it – selling a house can be an emotional roller coaster for owners. This is normal since your house is not merely a shelter but a place where memories were created.

However, your emotions can get in the way of successfully selling your house. For example, getting a low offer might offend you and cause you to refuse to counter it. You might even decide not to sell to a buyer who gave negative comments about your property.

The thing is:

Low offers and criticisms about the property are part and parcel of the home selling process. Failing to deal with these things professionally can be costly for you as they can lead to longer days on market or failure to sell.

Not Doing Small but Essential Home Selling Tasks

Selling a house is not a straightforward process as some people think. It’s not just about putting up a “for sale” sign, entertaining buyers, accepting an offer and signing the contracts.

The truth is that there are several tasks you need to accomplish even before you can list your property. You have to get a property valuation, obtain a BER certificate and possibly even renovate the house, to name but a few.

It is a lot of work from start to finish. To save time, you might decide to skip some of these seemingly non-essential steps. This is a bad idea! These steps are integral to the success of this endeavour.

For example, you might decide to forego staging your house and hiring a professional photographer because you think these are unnecessary. Well, you’re wrong! Well-taken photographs of a house get the attention of buyers. Studies show that online listings with beautiful photos are more likely to get inquiries.

There is no denying that selling a property can be taxing from start to finish. You need to accomplish a lot of tasks and deal with a lot of paperwork. Missing one step or one document can lead to delays and even result in the deal falling through.

Going the FSBO route may seem doable and exciting. But the reality is that selling your house on your own is difficult, stressful and dangerous. You have to be prepared for the challenges if you want to accomplish your goal.

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