Real Estate Agents – How to Work with Them

These days, through the Internet and property portals, selling a property is fairly straightforward. Yet, despite these tools, many still prefer to work with real estate agents. This is not surprising given the added-value agents bring to the entire process.

For one, working with a professional is tantamount to selling your property at a better price. Reports show that real estate agents can help you earn 20% more on your net revenue. Furthermore, she can make this complicated and taxing process hassle-free for you: advertising the property, spearheading negotiations, working on documents, etc. So, if you are selling a house, hiring a real estate agent is going to be undeniably beneficial.

Of course, in order to make this endeavour fruitful, you must know how to deal with your agent. How do you do this? Below are some tips on how to properly and successfully work with real estate agents.

Know the Agent’s Scope of Work

Even before you hire an agent, make sure you know and understand what she is exactly going to do for you. On top of looking for buyers, most reputable real estate agents in Ireland also handle marketing or advertising initiatives for the property. This may include providing or installing ‘For Sale’ sign, photographing the property and posting online ads, among others. There are also those who assist in securing essential documents and drafting contracts. Knowing this information gives you a clear idea on what your agent is accountable for and what you should take care of.

Be Clear About the Fees

Aside from your agent’s scope of work, you must also learn about the fees you need to pay. First, ask about your real estate agent’s fee. Some estate agencies have a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ policy; this means that you do not pay the agent if the property does not get sold. When it comes to the agent’s fee, the average in Ireland is somewhere between 1.3% to 2.5%. But there are still reputable estate agencies like MTS property which only charge 1% of the agreed sale price. Additionally, some of these real estate firms already include advertising costs into their asking fee; others charge extra for this.

Relay Your Expectations

It is not enough that you know what your agent is going to do. It is also highly important that she is informed about what you expect from her. Let her know how often you want to her to communicate with you. Do you want her to call, send an email or use other messaging apps? How soon do you want to get a buyer? Bear in mind, real estate agents, no matter how experienced they are, are not mind readers. You need to explicitly tell them what you expect to prevent misunderstandings later on.

Be Realistic About Your Demands

In line with communicating your expectations to your agent, it is also important that you set realistic demands. For example, you cannot expect your realtor to sell your property immediately if you’ve set an unreasonable price. Also, while you are your agent’s priority, you should be respectful of her time. Do not expect her to always answer your calls even during the wee hours of the night or drop what she’s currently doing just to meet you.

Be Honest

No matter how proactive or careful you are, it is still possible for you to experience difficulties during your transaction with your agent. When this happens, make sure you communicate your feelings and thoughts. Experienced and trusted real estate agents understand that their business is about people and not just properties. Hence, they are focused on making their clients happy. If you are not satisfied, your agent would want to know this so she can make the necessary changes to improve the relationship. So, do not be afraid to speak up but make sure that you communicate your displeasure properly and respectfully.

Always Be On Time                           

Being on time and showing up during appointments are integral in establishing a successful seller-agent relationship. If you are running late, inform your agent. Similarly, if you can’t make it to your appointment, cancel beforehand. Keep in mind, if tables were turned, you’d want your agent to do the same so your time won’t be wasted.

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