How to sell your apartment in 7 quick steps

A 7-Step Guide To Selling Your Apartment

A successful home sale requires more than just deciding to sell your house and putting a signage on your lawn. It involves a process made up of several simple and doable steps. If you’re planning to sell your apartment, listed below are seven essential steps which can make this endeavour fruitful and easier for you.

Determine Your Property’s Market Value

You may have a ballpark figure in your mind as to how much you’d want to sell your apartment. However, this is not how you determine its selling price.

In order to get a good grasp of the amount potential buyers are willing to pay for the kind of property you have, you need to enlist the help of an estate agent. Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the property market, the agent, after touring your home, can provide you with an estimate of your apartment’s current value.

Evaluate The Physical Condition Of Your Apartment

Assess the appearance and overall condition of your apartment. Come up with an accurate, unbiased evaluation. Identify features which could be the selling points of your property. At the same time, determine areas of improvement. Are there cosmetic problems and/or functional issues? Invest on property inspection before putting your apartment on the market. Doing this is a sure-fire way of identifying problems that can discourage buyers from acquiring your house.

Prepare Your Apartment

After assessing your house’s condition, get to work. Start by addressing cosmetic problems – paint the walls with neutral colours, fill in hairline cracks, refinish floors and/or replace carpets. Don’t just attend to the interiors of the house, include the exteriors – repaint the front door, trim the lawn and/or clean the patio furniture.

Next, work on the functional issues. This part can be costly. So, should there be several problems, prioritise those which require immediate attention and could drastically affect your property’s potential to get sold. Roof and plumbing problems should be on top of your list. If essential appliances like the heating or air conditioning system are broken, make sure you have them repaired or replaced.

Thoroughly clean the house. Get rid of clutters and other personal stuff. Eliminate unpleasant odours. Work towards making your apartment bright and spacious.

Have A Marketing Plan

Identify major websites or portals where you could post your listing. Don’t forget to use social networking sites to advertise your property.

As for marketing materials, what’s most important is that you have photos of your apartment – lots of photos. A study revealed that homebuyers are more likely to view a listing with at least six photos than those with less than six. However, don’t just focus on the quantity of the pictures, prioritise quality, too. Make sure that you choose pictures which are compelling enough to convince potential buyers to see your home.

Get Your Apartment Officially Listed

With your apartment “open house” ready and your marketing plan and materials in place, it’s time for your property to be officially listed. Once you’ve accomplished this, be ready to accommodate viewers and to receive some offers.

Close The Deal

Once you receive an offer you like, formally accept it. After doing this, you proceed to taking care of the necessary closing paperwork. You also have to set a formal move out and turnover date.

Definitely, selling your house on your own is doable these days. However, if you do not have the luxury of time or the sales skills necessary for this endeavour to succeed, it’s best to tap the services of an expert like MTS property.

If you need help selling your apartment, call us at 014959020.

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