Sell Your House Faster with the Right Paint Colours

Want to sell your house faster? Consider applying a fresh coat of paint on it. Repainting your house is one of the simplest ways to make your property more appealing to homebuyers. In fact, when done properly, it can even help increase your home’s value.

However, simply slapping some paint on your walls won’t do the trick. You have to carefully select the paint colours you will use. Picking the wrong hues can make your house appear uninviting and less attractive. It can even crimp the selling price of your house and deter would-be buyers.

For example, if you are planning to have all beige walls, you may want to rethink this. While this is a popular practice, it is not actually a good choice when selling a house. Solely using beige on your house interior can make the place look drab and dull. If you use beige, make sure to pair it with other hues. Similarly, very dark colours can turn off buyers.

You must also see to it that you have the right colour-room combination to sell your house faster and at a good price. Keep in mind, there are hues which enhances a specific room’s look and there are also those which negatively impact its appearance and value. Take the case of white on bathrooms. While this may be a common combination, it doesn’t help improve a property’s price. In fact, reports say that it even decreases its value. Similarly, the red on dining room combination doesn’t appeal to homebuyers.

What colours can help sell your house for more? According to a report, homebuyers of today tend to gravitate towards vibrant properties. So, give your house a dash of colour! Just make sure you do not go overboard; using too much loud colours can make your home look tacky.

Below are some of the colour-room combinations that experts say help sell houses quicker and at a higher sale price.

One of the big focal points for homebuyers is the bathroom or the washroom. When painted with the right colour, this room can significantly increase your home’s value. Research reveals that bathrooms with purple and lighter shades of blue like pale blue, powder blue and periwinkle help sell houses for more.

Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is another room in the house that can fetch more cash when painted or remodelled properly. Just like in the washroom, the light blue-kitchen combination attracts more buyers and adds more value to a house. Aside from light blue, kitchens with soft grey-blue tones also draw in more house hunters and better offers.

Blue, specifically cool variants like cerulean, also reign supreme in bedrooms. This is not surprising since blue is known for its relaxing or soothing effect. Meanwhile, blue tones like soft grey-blue and slate blue are favoured for the dining area instead of white.

Perhaps, the only room in the house where blue won’t work is the living room. In fact, based on the report, the blue-living room combination can lessen the value of the property. For this room, the best options are pale taupe and light beige. For the house exterior, avoid dark tones, most especially brown, and neutrals like taupe. Go for a combination of grey and beige. This modern classic look is very appealing to many homebuyers.

Keep in mind, the right paint colour can be an excellent tool in attracting the attention of would-be buyers and most importantly, in selling your house faster and at a good price. So, make sure you keep track of the trends when it comes to colour-room combination to get the best deal when you put your house in the market.

Learn what right paint colours to use and other helpful tips to sell your house faster and at a higher price. Call us at 01 495 9020 and talk to our experienced real estate agents.




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