Selling a House in Dublin? 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Selling your home is a task that can test your patience. After you place your property on the market, it can take a while before you’re able to finally sell it. Finding a buyer and closing the sale may or may not happen quickly. The speed and difficulty of selling a house in Dublin is dependent on a number of factors including market conditions, location, the condition of the house itself, and the services of a very good real estate agent.

If you want to be able to sell your house as soon as you can with the least amount of hassle possible, then you should avoid these 5 mistakes that can significantly affect the saleability of your house.

Selling a House in Dublin Without a Real Estate Agent

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when selling your house is selling it without a real estate agent. Since selling a house is a difficult task, you need the help of an expert, a real estate agent. 

A real estate agent will help you market your house. With their years of experience and network, it will be easy for them to identify the correct target market to sell your house. Apart from that, the real estate agent will handle many of the nitty gritty tasks needed for selling your house. All you need to do is to get their services and they’ll take care of all the important things. They’ll just coordinate with you in case there’s anything they need from your end in terms of documentation.

Selecting an Inexperienced Real Estate Agent

If you’re selling a house in Dublin, it is recommended to get the services of a real estate agent. However, when hiring a real estate agent, a crucial mistake you should avoid is hiring an inexperienced one.

You need to check the background of your real estate agent. Check how many years of experience your agent has. Check the agent’s website. Has the agent won any awards? Has he or she sold other properties in your area? If you know anyone who was a previous client of the agent, get feedback on how the service was. An inexperienced real estate agent will most likely not be able to give you the help you need and may even be a barrier to you selling your house.

Selling a House in Dublin in Poor Condition

Another potential mistake you can make is selling your house without making the necessary renovations before selling. If you sell your house when it’s in poor condition, it is a lot less likely to get any offers. Because of its poor condition, you might even be forced to significantly adjust the price much lower than the market value just to get any offers. 

Remember, the amount you spend on renovations is only a fraction of the amount you can potentially add to the selling price of your house. The renovations to your house prior to selling are an investment, not an expense.

Selling an Overvalued House

If your house is in good condition, then there’s a higher probability that you would get offers for it. However, make sure that you do not overprice your house. While you may get inquiries at first, selling an overvalued house will eventually make you lose all your potential buyers. Many of them may initially get interested but will be turned off if it is way above the market value. Make sure you compare your property with other recently sold properties in your area. Look for similar properties in terms of size, number of rooms, and other similar amenities. This will serve as your benchmark and it will help you find out what the market value is for your property.

Focusing on Sentimental Value

The last difficult part of selling a house is learning to let go of it especially if it has been your home for several decades. When you focus on sentimental value, it will be very difficult to move forward. Instead, make sure that you are selling your house when you are mentally and emotionally ready to do so. To help you with that, reflect on your reasons for selling the house and focus on those reasons. If the main reason is for financial purposes, then keep that in mind. It will help you accept your decision to sell and also help you to move forward.

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