Selling Your House – How Clean Should It Be When You Move Out?

Most house sellers like you are well aware that cleaning your house before putting it on the market is a must. It is a step you cannot miss if you want to attract more homebuyers and get a good offer. While this is crystal clear for many sellers, what some are not certain about is whether or not they should tidy up their house before moving out.

A number of house sellers think that cleaning the house for the new owners is no longer necessary. Others think it is not their responsibility anymore. Meanwhile, there are some who think that it is also imperative they leave their old house spic-and-span as a courtesy to the new owners. So, should you clean your house after selling it?

Cleaning your house before moving out is highly recommended by many experienced real estate agents. Doing so sends the message that you observe proper etiquette. Moreover, it is an act that can help seal the deal for you.

Unbeknownst to many, cases of homebuyers walking away from a sale after the final walk through are not rare. Keep in mind, purchasing a house is a big financial decision; homebuyers are going to be extra meticulous to ensure that they’re getting their money’s worth. This means that, even during the final walk through, you can count on them to check or inspect every nook and cranny in the house. So, to prevent the sale from falling apart, it would not hurt if you devote time thoroughly cleaning the house for the would-be owners.

It is also important to note that some buyers include in the contract that the house should be tidy when they move in. Hence, if you agreed to this, you need to meet this requirement. Failure to comply can mean legal woes later on.

Next, how clean should the house be when you move out? First, it should be devoid of clutter. Things like furniture and curtains which are not included in the sale should be removed from the property. If you have belongings you no longer want, do not leave them and assume that the new owners would like them.

The house must also be dust or dirt-free. Make sure that all rooms in the house are spotless. Dust the tables, cabinets and fixtures. Clean appliances that you are leaving behind like the oven or refrigerator. Wipe your walls and make sure that visible cracks or flaking paints are addressed. Also, check for moulds in areas like the bathroom and air vents. Have professionals address the problem if you see any. Just like your furniture and fixtures, the floor needs to be sparkling clean, too. So, do not forget to sweep and mop it.

The smell of the house matters as well. Foul odours can make the buyers think that the property is filthy. So, make sure you rid the house of anything that can make it smell awful, especially if you are having a final walk through. Empty the garbage and remove pet litter. If there is a lingering unpleasant smell, use air fresheners or scented candles.

Technically, if deep cleaning was done on your house before being placed on the market, preparing it for the new owners should not be a tedious task. Moreover, in case you have no time to clean before moving out, there are professional house cleaners you can hire to do the job.

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