Selling Your House? Tips On How To Get The Best Price

If you are selling your house, your goal is not just to find a buyer quickly. You’d definitely want to get a good price, too. How do you make this happen?

Decide on your property’s selling price. Having a good idea of your home’s market value enables you to come up with a good selling price. Setting the right price at the onset is integral as repeatedly changing prices midway through the process can send the wrong message to buyers.

Note that there is a process involved in determining the selling price of your property. You do not come up with the figures just by simply considering factors such as the price of the house when you bought it. Ask help from professionals. Let them provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). From their reports, you’d get an idea about the recommended selling price for your house and information on comparable sales. Spend time studying these valuations. Don’t blindly choose the highest one. Also, expect buyers to haggle. So, make sure you add 5% or 10% to the price you are willing to accept.

Hire a professional estate agent. It is rarely the case that sellers receive an initial offer that matches their asking price. In most cases, negotiations are necessary for both parties to reach a price they’re both happy with. For this part, a seasoned real estate agent is going to be of great help. Armed with excellent negotiation skills, a professional estate agent knows how to convince potential buyers to give good offers. Moreover, he/she can vet these offers thereby protecting you from dealing with dodgy buyers.

However, to reap the benefits of this decision, make sure that you pick a professional estate agent in Ireland with years of experience in the industry. This way, you are guaranteed that he/she is truly capable of delivering the result you want.

Fix cosmetic and functional problems. Buyers can be meticulous that they notice even small cracks. These flaws, no matter how small they are, may cause them to give a low offer. So, make sure you fix any visible problems in your house, from holes in walls and leaking pipes to a broken HVAC system.

As much as possible, take time to assess the condition of your house before putting it on the market. List down everything that’s worn out or broken. If budget is a concern, prioritise issues which can greatly affect the value of your house. You can ask the help of your estate agent when deciding which problems require immediate attention.

Do minor renovation in your kitchen. The kitchen is considered as the most valuable room in the house. Making changes in this room is a good investment as it can improve the price of your property. Naturally, renovations cost money. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy new appliances or overhaul your entire kitchen to increase its value. Repainting your cabinetry can already enhance the look of your kitchen.

To determine if upgrading your kitchen is going to help you get a good price or sell your house faster, check out other houses in your neighbourhood which are for sale. Know the condition of the kitchens in these properties. If your competitors have updated kitchens, seriously consider a minor kitchen remodel.

Make your house appealing. Apart from the number of rooms in it and its floor area, your home’s overall appearance is another salient factor that buyers consider when making an offer. So, make an effort to stage the house to show buyers that it’s worth every penny they’re paying. Ensure that the place is well lit to make it feel bigger and more attractive. At the same time, make the place smell good to increase its allure. Lastly, bring in plants or display flowers to add colour to and liven up the place.

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