Selling Your House? How to Find a Buyer Fast

Want to sell your house quickly? Guess what? Every homeowner with a property on the market has the same goal!

The thing is that selling a property in Ireland is never a walk in the park. “While a few are fortunate enough to get bought in a day or a week, most houses stay on the market for months. According to reports, it takes an average of seven months to close on a house in Ireland.”

This is a far cry from countries like the US and the UK wherein the average closing time is two to four months.

There are various factors that affect the speedy sale of a property – market conditions, location, price, etc. However, overcoming these obstacles is possible. With enough preparation and the right help, you can find a buyer for your house and close a deal faster than the average selling time in Ireland.

How do you make this happen? Below are some tips on how to sell your house in a short span of time:

Work with a Trusted Real Estate Agent in Ireland

Going the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) route maybe enticing since it eliminates estate agent fees and consequently, cuts down your expense.

But there’s a trade-off:

You’d be missing out on the numerous benefits of having an experienced real estate sell your property.

“For one, working with a professional is tantamount to selling your property at a better price. Reports show that real estate agents can help you earn 20% more on your net revenue.”

Furthermore, a trusted real estate agent makes it possible for you to get an offer quickly. This is primarily due to his extensive network as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Basically, you can count on him to take the steps necessary to make your property more appealing to buyers. Moreover, you can trust a professional real estate agent to exhaust all channels to make your listing reach more people.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Your house needs to look pristine if you want to get an offer. This is highly important especially when several properties near you are also on the market. Your house needs to be in tiptop condition; it must have something that sets it apart from the rest. Otherwise, it is going to have longer days on market.

Keep in mind:

“Any part that requires fixing should be repaired, especially if these are glaring problems like a hole on a wall or a leaking pipe. If your property looks dated – peeling paint or outmoded paint colours, it is going to be beneficial if you do some cost-effective home improvement projects. Apply a fresh coat of paint on key areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Replace worn out sinks and other essential appliances.”

Stage the Your House

Did you know that houses that are staged go off the market 90% faster than the nonstaged ones?

So, do not think twice about employing this strategy. When done right, staging can lead to a quick sale and a good offer.

Worried about the expense?

Don’t be! You do not have to spend big to make your house buyer-ready. For one, instead of staging the entire house, you can focus on key areas like the living room.

“The living room is oftentimes the first area that home buyers are going to see. Hence, it is important that it is staged well for them to have a good impression of your property. Furthermore, if a beautiful living room is what your buyers first see, then they would become more curious and interested to view the rest of the house.”

Yes, quickly finding a buyer for your house can be challenging. But it is not impossible, especially if you embark on this endeavour with an expert realtor and tried and tested strategies. So, make the necessary preparations before putting your property on the market.

Need to find a buyer fast? We have experienced real estate agents who can help sell your house quickly. Call us at 01 495 9020 today!

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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