What Sells a House Fast?

A speedy sale is the dream of every property seller. However, it is not something that happens every day. In fact, outside the home buying season, it can be quite challenging to find a house buyer immediately. Sometimes, the entire process could drag on even beyond the average time properties get sold which is typically three weeks.

Admittedly, it can be frustrating and stressful when your property is on the market for quite some time. Moreover, if your property’s days on market (DOM) is beyond the average, it can significantly affect its selling price.

Fortunately, difficult as it may seem, a speedy sale, even during the off season, is doable if you prepare and employ the right approach. Read on to learn what sells a house fast and other strategies you can employ to get countless offers.

Impressive Exterior and Interior Appearance

No one wants to buy a house that is in a poor state. Moreover, no home buyer is going to make a good offer on a property that looks dated and requires a serious makeover. So, before you advertise your property, do the necessary prep work.

Any part that requires fixing should be repaired, especially if these are glaring problems like a hole on a wall or a leaking pipe. If your property looks dated – peeling paint or outmoded paint colours, it is going to be beneficial if you do some cost-effective home improvement projects. Apply a fresh coat of paint on key areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Replace worn out sinks and other non-functioning essential appliances.

Do not forget to make your home’s exterior beautiful as well. Make cosmetic improvements as well like repainting the walls and adding plants to the yard.

Just keep in mind that when improving the appearance of your house for a resale, you do not have to go all out and spend big. Know what you need to improve on and how much you should spend. Ask your real estate agent and professional designers for tips.

Properly Staging Your Property

When selling a house, it is not enough that you make the property look fresh; you also need to make it extra appealing. You have to stage the rooms so house hunters know how to utilise them. Staging can also make it easier for them to visualise themselves living in the property.

When a house is not staged, it can appear uninteresting and even depressing especially if it is empty. Furthermore, flaws can become more noticeable!

So, do not think twice about staging your house if you want to sell it fast. It greatly helps in impressing house buyers and making your property stand out among competitors.

Flexible Showing Schedule

While it’s understandable why you’d need a 24-hour notice before showing your house, this is not really recommended if you want to sell your house fast. In fact, many house sellers cite this as one of the reasons why some properties have longer days on market.

If you are eager to sell ASAP, make it easier to show your home. Be flexible when it comes to visits. This means being open to visits with short notice as well as those which are scheduled outside of the standard showing time like early in the morning or at night.

Keep in mind, the easier it is to show your house, the more visits it would get. With more visits, the chance of selling your house quickly also increases.

Excellent Photographs

Gone are the days when listings were solely about properly crafted property descriptions and first impressions were made through a “drive by”. Nowadays, photographs are mandatory if you want your house to get noticed. Home buyers rely on pictures to determine if the house deserves a visit. If the property does not look appealing in the photos, they move on to the next listing. So, stage your property and get stunning photos of it. Hire a professional photographer if you can.

Also, do not just add a photo or two. Post six or more images since studies show that listings with at least six photographs get more visits or inquiries than those with less.

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