Summer Home Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Are you a landlord looking for summer home maintenance tips? If you’re in the property rental business, good facility management is everything. Regular inspections can alert you to pressing issues that need resolving, but it’s worth carrying out a more exhaustive check in the summer. Summertime is usually a booming time for the rental market. This is the time when potential tenants are looking to relocate to a new property.

Meanwhile, if you have sitting tenants, there’s a good chance the lease agreement is coming up for renewal. If you’re looking to improve your vacancy rate or justify a rent increase, your properties need to be fit for purpose. Below, we explore the most important summer home maintenance tips you should be focusing on.

6 Summer Home Maintenance Tips Before Renting Your Property


Inspect Home Ventilation Systems
Because of the temperate climate, very few Irish homes have air conditioning systems. If your property is equipped with one, you’ll want to check it for efficiency. Not only will this make your property more comfortable during the summer, but it will also save your tenants from overpaying on energy bills.

It’s far more likely that your property will be equipped with air vents. To ensure optimal airflow through ductwork, make sure vent covers are thoroughly cleaned and free of dust. It’s also worth unscrewing vent covers to check for any debris that may be obstructing airflow.

Door and Window Inspection
Over time, the sealant around doors and window frames can become damaged. Check the interior and exteriors of all windows and doors to rule out this issue. If you notice any wear and tear, use a silicone sealant to repair the problem. This can dramatically improve insulation, as well as prevent pests from gaining a foothold.

Test Safety Alarms
By law, landlords are obligated to install smoke alarms in rental properties. Once a summer inspection rolls around, these alarms will need to be tested. If you’ve kitted out your property with carbon monoxide detectors or heat sensors, these also need to be checked.

For peace of mind, it’s worth going beyond simply checking to see if these alarms are working. Ideally, you should be replacing batteries with new ones. Furthermore, it’s important to check for signs of wear or tampering.

Outdoor Maintenance
Most tenancy agreements dictate that tenants should take care of outdoor maintenance. However, many landlords find it easier to carry out occasional garden maintenance themselves. Use the summer months to tackle any major landscaping or pruning tasks. If your property boundaries include stretches of lawn, it’s also worth reseeding grass toward the end of the season. Curb appeal is important, so make sure the exterior of your property is making the right first impression.

Some rental properties also include outbuildings and external amenities. If your property includes a separate garage or shed, ensure these are included in your maintenance checklist. If these buildings are serviced by plumbing lines and mains electricity, a safety check may also be required.

Pest Control
This is particularly important if you’re looking to rent a property that’s sat vacant for some time. Insects can become an issue during warmer weather, so eradicate potential breeding grounds. Installing new thresholds is also a good idea if you want to make it harder for pests to enter a property.

Rodents can invade interiors at any time of the year, with most species making themselves known during the winter. However, mice and rats can still wreak havoc during the summer. During an inspection, look for signs of a rodent infestation. In addition to droppings and urine piles, look for grease marks along the perimeters of rooms. Evidence of gnawing and nest building is also a clear sign you have a more serious issue to deal with.

Handle Any Outstanding Repairs
If you’ve let requests for minor repairs pile up, now’s the time to catch up on all outstanding maintenance jobs. This can include everything from leaking taps and plumbing problems to stubborn door locks and stuck windows.

The summer is also the perfect time to tackle superficial wear and tear. There’s a good chance your tenants will be away from home for a week or two during the summer. Use this time to schedule overdue decorating work and aesthetic upgrades to your rental property.

Make Quick Work of Rental Property Maintenance
If you want to secure the best rental yield from your property portfolio, you must invest in maintenance. The summer is the ideal time to take stock and get stuck into maintenance and repairs. For landlords seeking tenants, properties must look their absolute best. For landlords with sitting tenants, the summer months offer the perfect opportunity to complete outstanding repairs without imposing on their clients.

Tight for time? At MTS, we provide a complete property maintenance service. Our expert team manages hundreds of properties across Dublin and beyond, handling everything from rent collection to inspection. Furthermore, MTS takes charge of all responsibilities so landlords don’t have to. Ready to see how MTS can help you? Get in touch via the online contact form or call us today on 014959020.

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