Viewing Tips When Buying a House in Dublin

If you’re buying a house in Dublin, you need to do your due diligence by checking it out. One of the biggest mistakes that house buyers should completely avoid is to rush the viewing of the house you’re about to purchase. Don’t take just 15 or 20 minutes to scan the house and don’t just visit the house once. Take as much time as you need so you can check the house thoroughly.

According to experts, on the average it takes around four to six viewings before the purchase is completed. The initial viewing usually takes at least 30 to 45 minutes and the succeeding viewings become longer. In the initial visits, this is when viewers check the interior of the house and the latter visits are when checking the exterior, the structure and the vicinity usually happens.

There are several things you need to take note of when you’re viewing a house. Here are some of the reminders on what you should do on your house viewing.

What to Check When Buying a House in Dublin

Check the Interior and the Structure

When you go to a viewing session, you are welcomed by the real estate agent. You are usually given some facts about the house as well as tour you around the different rooms of the house. This will help you decide if you’re buying a house in Dublin. As you go through these rooms, look closely at the details of the interior. 

Check the walls, ceilings, floors. Do you see any watermarks? A watermark is a sign that there is a leak. The leak could be from the pipes in the internal plumbing system or from the gutters or downspouts. Aside from watermarks or leaks, check the walls if you see loose or chipped paint. In relation to the plumbing, check if all the faucets and drains are all working properly

In terms of the house’s structure, look at the walls closely if there are any huge cracks. If you see huge cracks, the house might no longer be structurally safe. 

Some houses are staged beautifully with proper lighting, mirrors to make the house look bigger or some fresh paint to make the house look and smell better. Some agents even diffuse essential oils because they smell good and natural. It’s not like a strong fragrance trying to mask a stench. Be aware of this so you can have an idea how the house probably looks or smells without the staging.

When you go into the rooms, check if they are big enough for you. Sometimes, smaller furniture is placed in small rooms to make them seem bigger. Ask the real estate agent if there’s any furniture from the viewing session that will be included in the purchase. Some agents put furniture for staging and viewing purposes only but they’re not included in the sale.

Related to the size of the rooms, check if you have enough room for storage. Look at the wardrobes or cabinets, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelves or the storage room, if the house has one. Newer houses usually have less storage space than older ones. Do note that some houses have an attic instead of a storage room.

Also, check if the house is soundproof. Can you hear the noise from outside the house or from adjacent houses or structures? Turn off anything that makes noise in the house and listen carefully. If you can hear the noise from outside, then people outside can also hear the sound from inside the house.

Check the Exterior and the Vicinity

After the interior and structure of the house, also check the exterior and the vicinity. Start with the exterior by checking the outer walls and windows. Not all windows are visible from the inside as some might be covered by curtains or furniture. Ensure that there are no windows with broken or cracked glass. 

Check the exterior wall for any damage that needs to be repaired. Issues with the exterior wall usually include cracked or peeling paint and rotting wood. You may find other forms of decay on the exterior wall due to water damage.

Lastly, check the vicinity of the house and be familiar with the things that would affect your daily life. Are there any establishments like restaurants or pubs near you that could be noisy at night? How far is the nearest pharmacy, supermarket or convenience store? For public transport, are there any bus stations or train stations nearby? If you have children, where is the nearest school?

Why You Need to Check Thoroughly Before Buying a House in Dublin

The consequences of not checking thoroughly will directly affect you. This may also affect your loved ones or family if you are moving into the new house with them. After you’re able to check the things that need to be fixed, you can ask the real estate agent if they can be repaired first. However, if having them repaired is out of the question, then negotiate for a lower price depending on how much the repairs might cost. If the real estate agent says that they’ve incorporated the defects in the pricing of the house already, then verify this information by checking the market price of other similar houses for sale in the area.

Buying a house is a challenging but rewarding task. Make sure you do a thorough check before you decide to make an offer on the house. Take note of everything you find so you are fully aware about the house you’re buying.

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