What Do You Need to Do Before Letting Your House in Dublin?

If you’re looking for tenants to letting your house in Dublin, there are a number of steps you’ll want to take. To put it simply, you want to make sure that things are in good shape before finding people willing to move in. 

You need to know how the market is. Is it currently difficult to find tenants? Check out the condition of your property and if it adheres to the minimum standards set by the law. To get the best return on your investment, you need to understand the status of the market currently. 

How much are similar properties renting for in your area? How big is the demand for rental properties? What are potential tenants looking for from a rental property? What fees do letting agents charge and what do they provide in return? 

Ensure Your Property is in Good Condition Before Letting Your House in Dublin

The types of properties that are in demand in Dublin include

  • houses
  • duplexes
  • apartment buildings
  • condominiums

If you have a property that is in demand in Dublin and it’s in good shape, then you are ready to move on to the next step. If your property is not in good shape, then you have to fix it first.

If there are any leaks, holes, and damage to the walls and ceilings, repair them first. If there is significant damage, you should fix it properly by replastering and painting. If there is minor damage, you can just paint over it. If you’re in doubt, ask a professional’s advice about what to do with your damaged walls and ceilings.

Make sure the walls are painted. Generally, neutral colours are preferred for rental properties; however, we recommend leaving the colour choice up to your tenants as this may be a more attractive option for them if they have small children or pets that may make the walls dirty within days of repainting.

Be Prepared to Furnish the House

When it comes to letting your property, you have several options in terms of furniture. You can choose to let it fully furnished, part-furnished, or unfurnished. If you choose the first two options, you will need to decide what furnishing you want to provide for your tenants.

Fully furnished is not just a bed and wardrobe! You should make sure the property is complete with all the necessary furniture required for your tenants to live comfortably and independently when they first move in. This would usually include kitchen appliances, cooking utensils as well as dining room furniture e.g. tables and chairs. Your tenant will be responsible for their own personal belongings so it’s not necessary to stock up on decorative items or tech equipment such as TVs or entertainment systems.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Next, clean the rest of your house. Check the floors and carpets. Are they dirty? If so, then it’s time to clean them. Don’t forget to clean upholstery and the inside of your oven, microwave or dishwasher. Clean windows and mirrors until they sparkle.

All of these tips can help you find the best tenants. The more work you put into advertising for tenants, getting your home in good shape, cleaning and doing maintenance, the better tenants you will attract. The better tenants you attract, the longer they will stay in your rental home. The longer they stay in your rental home, the less time you will have to spend finding new ones.

Find an Agent who can Help you in Letting Your House in Dublin

Letting your house in Dublin is a great way to make some extra money. However, before rushing into letting your property be sure to find a specialist letting agent who has a good reputation and can help you through the process.

They will know all of the legal requirements that you must meet and it’s important that these aspects are taken care of properly before putting your property on the market. It’s also useful to have an expert who knows the local regulations and rules, as well as what kind of tenants are looking for properties in your area.

A letting agent can also help you set a realistic rental price, so you get the best possible return on your investment.

Are you thinking of letting your house in Dublin? You can get some tips and advice from our experienced letting agents. Call us today on 014959020 or send us a message here.

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