When Is the Best Time to Sell a House in Ireland?

There are various factors which can affect how much you would be able to sell your house for. One of them is the time of the year when you put your property on the market.

Some homeowners may argue that the “when” part does not matter, but studies show otherwise. According to reports, timing has an impact on selling success. To be more precise, sellers get higher premiums when they sell during certain times of the year.

The traditional belief is that spring is the best time to sell a house in Ireland. Well, this notion is not unfounded with data in Ireland showing that the best months to sell are from March up until June. Properties get sold twice as fast in spring as compared to other seasons.

This trend holds even for other countries. In the UK, the prime month for house selling is in March. Launching the sale of your property during this month is an excellent decision if you want to sell quickly. According to the data gathered, houses that come to the market in March get an offer in 57 days or less.

Meanwhile, in the US, May is the most active time for house selling. Homeowners tend to get 5.9% more than their asking price. On top of this, properties get sold 18.5 days faster as compared to other months.

Why Is Spring the Peak House Selling Season?

There are various reasons why spring is the best time for selling houses in Ireland. We’ve listed some of them below:

Improved Appearance

It is undeniable that most properties look their best in spring. This is primarily because of the lush yards or vibrant gardens. These things improve the curb appeal of houses, making them more interesting and beautiful for buyers.

Longer Days

In spring, days are longer. As a result, buyers have more opportunities to view houses when there is daylight.

Why is this important?

Most buyers want to know what a property looks like under natural light. Furthermore, many of them are aware that spotting damages or flaws is easier when there is ample light (which is during daytime).

Ultimately, more viewings mean higher chances of getting sold. This is definitely what homeowners and real estate agents who are looking to sell quickly should target.

No Holidays

Unlike winter and summer, spring is not a holiday season. To be more precise, people during this time are not distracted by any major festivities nor are they on vacation. This means that they have time to go house-hunting or to simply focus on the task at hand – buying a house.

Moving by Summer

Those with school-aged children start looking for a new home during spring so that they can move by summer. Transferring during the school break minimises the hassle not just for the parents but also for the kids. It also enables the young ones to have a smooth transition – acclimatise to their new surroundings – before the new school year begins.

Is There a Bad Time for House Selling?

Just as there are prime months for selling houses, there are also so-called quiet periods which are usually in summer and winter. Putting your property on the market during the ‘off-season’ may lead to longer days on market (DOM).


Houses that are on the market for too long lose their ‘freshness’ appeal. Moreover, longer DOM makes buyers think that the property is not selling because there is something wrong with it.

What if you already need to sell your property? It should be noted that there are home buyers all year round. So, you can still put your house on the market during the quiet periods. Furthermore, if your property is in a prime location like Dublin, selling during the ‘off-season’ would not be a problem.

Most importantly, if you are working with a real estate agent, you can opt to sell any time of the year. Given their network and experience, these professionals can find a buyer for your property no matter the time of the year. This is not to say, however, that they would sell your house quickly during the offseason. What’s guaranteed is that they’d be able to do it faster than you or other amateur home sellers.

Are you selling your house in Ireland? Our experienced real estate agents can help you find a buyer fast regardless of the season. Call us today on 01 495 9020!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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