Property Management

Focusing on those with limited time to manage their property, our property management service offers:

1.Rent Collection Services –
currently managing over 200 units in greater Dublin area


2.Property Inspections – all property managed by MTS is subject to 2 inspections per annum, with a report issued for any problems and associated remedy required.


3.Maintenance responsibilities will be carried out by MTS, with all major issues notified to you prior to any commencement of work.


4.Tenant Correspondence will be dealt with solely by MTS removing any overhead on the landlord Vacation of Property managed by MTS when tenancy has expired.


5.Repairs or replacements deducted from initial client deposit. Maintenance Emergency Service available 24 / 7 to all properties managed by MTS


This service is designed to facilitate the landlord who is not in a position to secure high quality tenants and oversee the letting arrangements for his/her property.

Please call us now on 014959020 or fill out our contact form to talk to one of our sales or letting agents.